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11th February 2023



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Toy Library Committee

Committee positions
2021 Committee

The Whitfords Rainbow Toy Library is a volunteer-based organisation.  It is managed by a committee made up of toy library members who are voted into the following positions at the Annual General Meeting.  The committee meets at the Whitford Family Centre every four weeks.

Benefits of being part of the Committee include no membership fees, extended borrowing period of four weeks, increased borrowing limit of ten items and access to the toy library at any time pre-arranged with the Whitford Family Centre.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Committee positions


The Chairperson oversees and directs the running of toy library by working in cooperation with the committee and members to maintain and improve operations in accordance with the Constitution.

The Secretary is responsible for undertaking all administration regarding the Committee, and assists the Chairperson in facilitating the effective operation of the Committee’s business.  The Secretary manages all toy library correspondence, keeps minutes of the Committee meetings and has custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the toy library in accordance with the Constitution.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate financial information for the toy library. The Treasurer keeps a record of monthly financial transactions, reimburses expenses and payment for purchases, and ensures income exceeds expenses over the year.
Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary provides information to potential members, enrols new members and keeps an up-to-date register of members of the toy library.  In addition this position receives all phone enquiries for the toy library.
Roster Secretary

The purpose of the Roster Secretary is to ensure that there are of six members in total on roster duty each week to open and operate the toy library, comprising one Member in Charge and at least one member to be trained as a Member in Charge, and four other members.  The Roster Secretary also ensures that members are rostered for a maximum of four rosters each year (or pro-rata for part year memberships).
Toy Purchaser/Packager

The Toy Purchaser provides cost effective and appropriate purchasing services to the toy library, ensuring value for money and adherence to the toy library’s policies and procedures. Along with purchasing new toys, the Toy Purchaser also keeps an accurate record of all toys purchased and liaises closely with the Cataloguer. This position is also responsible for ensuring new toys are packaged accordingly to their needs.
Toy Cataloguer

The Toy Cataloguer manages to the toy library’s computer database of toys, adding new items, listing the pieces for each new toy and generating its label to prepare it for circulation.

Toy Repairer

The Toy Repairer is responsible for repairing where possible broken toys, and assessing whether a broken toy can be repaired or whether it needs to be replaced. 

Party Pack Coordinator

The Party Pack Coordinator maintains and coordinates the party pack for booking by members.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing person keeps the toy library's Website and Facebook up to date and assists in resolving any issues with the toy library's Mibase system.

2023 Committee

Chairperson: Jemma Humann
Secretary: Jemma Humann
Membership Treasurer: Torsten Leibrich
Treasurer: Erin Gooden
Roster Secretary: Ailsa Ruck
Toy Purchaser/Packager/Cataloguer: Caitlin Astone
Toy Repairer: Marion Dalton
Party Pack Coordinator: Suret Beicher
Digital Marketing: Pip Ramsden/Caitlin Astone